Turnkey team

- Full startup package: from CEO to moderator
- IT teams under any stack
- IT teams from 2 people to hundreds of people
- Turnkey product team: Design, Programming, Marketing
- Turnkey support team: Moderation, Feedback, Call Center

Our teams are

Competitive pay rates, no hidden fees

Only Senior Specialists guaranteed

Changes in staffing levels anytime, to any extent, upwards and downwards

KPI-based work only

We have been successfully collaborating on large projects with top companies

Contract signing with Customers within the jurisdiction of the USA, Europe and other countries

100% guarantee
team members' competence
100% guarantee
legal and accounting accuracy
100% guarantee
money back
100% guarantee
team members' competence
legal and accounting accuracy
money back

1. Task Analysis

Clarification of details and breakdown into stages.

2. Contract and Payment

Service costs and fulfillment of obligations are guaranteed by a legally registered entity.

3. Selection and Commencement of Work

Team assembly according to project requirements. Work commences immediately following the Client's approval.

4. Transparency, Guarantee and Reporting

Daily monitoring and reporting. Guaranteed work according to strategy. Periodic reporting to project owners.

Our clients

We have been collaborating with clients worldwide for over 20 years

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