Special department of
- USA, and Europe - professional recruitment for your office;
- Recrutment of remote full-time employees;
- Specialization: Top management and IT specialists for your company.

Recruitment via

We have out own database of Senior Specialists comprised of over 10,000 people

Our own Middle+ Specialists database is comprised of over 150 000 people

Staff team selection for remote employment

Relocation-Ready specialists


Recruitment of Top Managers

We have a solid track record of successful colaboration on large projects with top companies

We conduct contracts with clients in the jurisdictions of the USA, Europe and other countries

We select specialists who underwent scoring via system
Personal manager support from your contacting us to vacancy filling
Live access to CRM, see our recruitment funnel
You pay only for results
100% guarantee
vacancy will be filled
100% guarantee
recruitment according to client's requirements
100% guarantee
legal and accounting accuracy
100% guarantee
money back
100% guarantee
vacancy will be filled
recruitment according to client's requirements
legal and accounting accuracy
money back

1. Recruitment Analysis

Clarification of task details

2. Contract and Payment

Service costs and fulfillment of obligations are guaranteed by a legally registered entity

3. Recruitment

Recruitment funnel development and filtering process results in only qualified candidates being interviewed

4. Transparency

Real time client access to the filtering process via CRM

Our clients

We have been collaborating with clients worldwide for over 20 years

Client Reviews

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