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Women in sustaining peace

● It is a publication that examines the roles of women in post-conflict peacekeeping. ● Each chapter identifies best practices for engaging sustainable peace in each region. ● The book was presented at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 26, 2019.


● Located in the heart of Bañados de Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay, the Campeón del Siglo stadium, home of Club Atlético Peñarol, stands proudly as an architectural icon of sport and the community. ● The stadium has a capacity of 50,000 seats, becoming not only a sports facility, but also a vibrant social gathering place. ● The path to establishing the visual identity was an intricate process. ● The logo, the cornerstone of this identity, found its inspiration in the shape of the stadium. ● A central building, around which the stands curve, creating a feeling of embrace and subtly reflecting the strong sense of camaraderie inherent in the spirit of football.

Book Day

● On May 26, 1816, the National Library of Uruguay was founded. ● The Ministry of Education and Culture commemorates its anniversary with the Book Day. ● Citizens are invited to take home, free of charge, the books they can find in public spaces. ● The event breathes new life into previously read books and makes it easy to meet new readers. ● The activity seeks to encourage exchange between people. The day promotes solidarity in society through the donation of books while sharing the love for reading. ● The communication uses a symbol that combines a bird, a book and a human being. ● The image is striking for being unique, memorable and attractive. ● The design emphasizes the connection between books and knowledge by acting as an effective tool that promotes the event and inspires people to get involved. ● In a world dominated by digital technology, handmade lettering evokes a sense of human touch and warmth that resonates with the audience.