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Power BI
Amazon Redshift
Apache Hadoop
Apache Kafka
Oracle EBS
Oracle Database

Work experience

Senior Systems Engineer / Data Engineer
08.2022 - 12.2023 |Infosys
Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Tableau, MySQL, ETL
Project: EWS (Early Warning System). ● Led the development of advanced data models and structures, enhancing the system's reporting and analytics capabilities using tools like Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, and Tableau. ● Applied comprehensive data warehousing methodologies to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval processes, leveraging Oracle Database and Data Warehousing techniques. ● Managed routine database administration, including performance monitoring, backup management, and index optimization, ensuring high data integrity and system reliability with tools such as Oracle Cloud, TOAD, and WinSCP. Project: Cummins Data Migration & Validation. ● Spearheaded the migration of critical data from on-premises systems to the cloud, developing robust SQL scripts and field mappings using AWS, Amazon Redshift, and MySQL. ● Conducted thorough validation processes to ensure data accuracy and consistency post-migration with the help of ETL Development and Data Modeling and Schema Design techniques. ● Implemented automation solutions to streamline repetitive data engineering tasks, significantly improving operational efficiency using Python, Apache Spark, and Apache Kafka.
Systems Engineer / PL/SQL Developer
03.2021 - 07.2022 |Infosys
Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Tableau, MySQL, ETL
Project: Oracle EBS Cleanse and Secure. ● Developed and optimized complex PL/SQL queries and scripts for comprehensive data retrieval and manipulation, utilizing tools such as Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, and TOAD. ● Collaborated closely with business analysts to translate business requirements into effective data models and conversion scripts for GL, AP, PO, and FA modules, employing Oracle SQL Developer and PL/SQL Developer. ● Enhanced system performance through meticulous optimization and tuning of PL/SQL queries, leveraging Oracle Database and Data Modelling and Schema Design techniques. Project: Oracle EBS Conversion. ● Conducted detailed analysis and retirement of active assets within XFIN for corporate entities, ensuring data accuracy in both corporate and tax books using Oracle EBS Suite. ● Designed, developed, and fine-tuned PL/SQL queries, procedures, and triggers to support efficient data processing in a data warehouse environment, utilizing Oracle Database and Data Warehousing methodologies. Project: R12 Upgrade Project. ● Led efforts in query optimization and performance tuning to enhance system efficiency. ● Identified and resolved critical issues in the R12 upgrade, assessing the impact on functional components and Application Object Libraries.

Educational background

Computer Science (Bachelor’s Degree)
2016 - 2020
Visvesvaraya Technological University