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Challenge: ● A customer approached Invatechs for help creating a special multifunctional platform. The key idea behind it was to provide the most effective interaction between two user groups - developers and those ready to use the applications and provide feedback for rewards. ● First of all, Invatechs was tasked with developing an algorithm that would allow it to collect data about potential users who choose applications and provide feedback about them. This required creating a robust and secure data collection and analysis engine that could quickly process large amounts of data and turn it into usable reports for developers who receive feedback. ● Invatechs decided to create this platform by taking the following steps: - Create a secure web platform. - Integrate banking APIs for paying rewards. - Create a user-friendly interface. - Develop an effective rewards system for testers. Solution: ● Invatechs has developed a unique solution to create a platform that helps mobile app developers attract potential users. This solution allows developers to connect with users who are interested in certain types of applications, in turn, based on preferences, and the platform offers to install it. ● The platform developed by Invatechs is a convenient and effective tool to connect mobile app developers with potential users, allowing users to receive rewards for using their apps and for developers to increase engagement with their apps and improve their app quality. Results: ● The customer of this platform was satisfied with the results of Invatechs specialists' work. The platform was customized to meet all of the customer's requirements. ● Particular attention was paid to the usability of the platform, both for application developers and testers. As a result, the customer received a high-quality product that met their needs and expectations. ● A unique system of rewarding testers. ● Increased user interest in new products.

Sales Paddock

Challenge: ● The customer requested Invatechs to develop an app for selling and buying horses. The idea was to create a platform where sellers could list horses and buyers could view horse information and contact sellers to buy. Also, the app would allow users to browse a variety of horses and find one that suited their needs and budget. ● Our experts decided to take the following steps to create a platform for selling and buying horses: - An iOS and Android app. - Integrate social networks and maps. - Create a secure environment. - Integrate a chat system between users. Solution: ● Invatechs has developed a solution to create a mobile app that allows users to sell and buy horses. The app allows authorizing through social networks such as Facebook and Google and sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram. With the built-in YouTube player, users can upload videos to their YouTube account and view them within the app. ● One of the app's key features is saving potential horses in different collections, facilitating the user experience and helps organize horses into different categories. The in-app chat feature allows users to chat with other horse enthusiasts, share tips and recommendations, and communicate with buyers and sellers. ● To ensure the safety and security of users' data, Invatechs has taken steps to protect the platform from cyber-attacks and hacks. The app uses strong encryption methods to protect user data and has robust security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to user information. Results: ● Using Swift, Java, and WebSockets, we created a feature-rich and robust application that met our client's and its users' requirements. ● Users were particularly pleased with the app, as it was the perfect platform to find quality horses that fit their preferences. ● Convenient horse buying and selling app for iOS and Android. ● Features that allow users to find the best possible deal.


Challenge: ● The main challenge Invatechs faced was to create a product that would meet the customer's requirements and satisfy user needs. ● It was also a challenge for Invatechs to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality of user data, which required a careful design of secure data storage and processing systems. Also, to add functionality to track currency statistics through charts and other tools. ● Finally, Invatechs also had to integrate the platform with various card providers, post offices, travel agents, and supermarkets so that users could quickly and easily find the best deals on exchange rates and other services, which was also a significant challenge. Solution: ● Invatechs has developed an innovative currency converter with real-time functionality that gives users access to world currency exchange rates. ● One of the key features of the app is its 24/7 accessibility through absolutely any web browser, giving users the ability to be up-to-date on exchange rates at any time. Drag-and-drop currency widgets make the web application easy to use, which increases its functionality. ● Invatechs Currency Converter has many features, including bank card and bank account processing and cash currency exchange. In addition, the app integrates with other financial tools, such as online banking and e-wallets, making it a versatile and flexible tool for dealing with currencies. Results: ● The customer of this platform, FIND.EXCHANGE was very satisfied with the results of the Invatechs specialists' work. He appreciated the quality of the product that was created and was pleasantly surprised by the speed of its development. The customer was very impressed with the level of professionalism of the Invatechs team and their ability to deliver high-quality technical solutions to their requirements. ● The customer also appreciated how Invatechs worked closely with his team to ensure that the developed solutions fully met his needs and requirements.