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This service predominantly specializes in livestock tracking through satellite technology, offering precise animal monitoring capabilities across diverse global environmental conditions.


Stopharass.kz is a platform that shows in which locations in the city harassment occurs more often / less often.

tLab Sandbox

The tLab system is an advanced Anti-APT product for protection against a new type of cyber threat: against zero-day attacks, targeted malicious software (malware) and APT attacks


Rest Framework
Base ML & DA
Sprint Boot

Work experience

Software Developer
Django, Celery, Docker, Gitlab CI, AngularJS, UI/UX, Maps, PostGIS
- This service predominantly specializes in livestock tracking through satellite technology, offering preciseanimal monitoring capabilities across diverse global environmental conditions.
Software Developer
Django, DRF, Celery, Docker, Gitlab CI, Vue, UI/UX, Maps
- A platform that shows in which locations in the city harassment occurs more often / less often.
AI Integrator
since 05.2023 - Till the present day |NIMBL Academy (Astana Hub)
AI, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, API, FastAPI, OpenAI’s GPT, AWS Lambda, TensorFlow, Keras
I am currently pursuing an AI Integrator specialization at NIMBL Academy (Astana Hub), which is designedto provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of AI integration. Throughout thecourse, I have gained a strong foundation in AI technologies such as natural language processing, computervision, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning frameworks. My expected completion date for thiscourse is December 2023, and I am excited to continue expanding my skills in AI integration to contribute tofuture projects and opportunities. So far, I've completed several projects, including: - Utilized Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib / Seaborn to clean, manipulate, visualizedata and performed basic data preparation and EDA. - Developed an ML model that predicts whether a person has diabetes or not. - Deployed the model both as Streamlit app and API using FastAPI. - Trained an image classification model using TensorFlow and Keras both from scratch and using pre-trained models. - Deployed the TensorFlow Lite image classification model as an API on AWS Lambda. - Developed simple chat app using langchain and OpenAI’s GPT.
Senior Software Developer
07.2016 - 10.2023 |T&T Security
Golang, HttpRouter, Gorilla Mux, sqlx, GoMock, Structured Logging, Django, Celery, DRF, Vue 3, Quasar 2, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, JOOQ, FlywayDB, REST API, JUnit, Maven, Gradle, Linux, Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, Supervisor, Nginx
T&T Security was created with the mission to combat next-generation cyber threats that traditional antivirustechnologies fail to prevent. Responsibilities: - Software Design and Development. - System Monitoring and Maintenance as Support Engineer. Achievements: - Designed and Implemented Backend Core of an advanced Anti-APT solution (tLab). - Built a reliable Mail Security Solution (10M+ messages processed to date). - Successfully implemented tLab Integration with products from Check Point and Trend Micro. - Successfully implemented tLab Integration with various SIEM systems.
Technical Lead
since 05.2015 - Till the present day |Institute of Human Safety
Django, Celery, DRF, Vue 3, Quasar 2, Linux, Docker, Grafana, Gitlab, CI/CD
Since 2015 a project "Medical System SOS" turned from startup into a growing business. This remarkablejourney stands as a testament to my leadership as a Tech Lead, demonstrating the evolution of my expertisein Python and Django. - Successfully managed multiple framework migrations, taking the project from its initial version (1.8.1) tothe latest version (4.2) over the years. - Implemented efficient Celery tasks with multiple workers and queues. - Significantly improved application performance by optimizing DB queries and introducing caching. - Successfully implemented reporting (PDF, Excel and HTML reports), adding valuable functionality to theproject. - Transitioned from manual deployments to seamless CI/CD pipelines, ensuring a more reliable andautomated release process. - Successfully migrated from plain app to containerized app using Docker - Significantly reduced error rate by implementing error and log monitoring. - Currently, working on transitioning to ASGI, which will further optimize the application for highconcurrency and real-time functionality. - Currently, working on the migration of the project to a Cloud-based infrastructure.

Educational background

Computer Science (Masters Degree)
2015 - 2017
L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University


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