WordPress Programmer
We are looking for a WordPress programmer to improve the existing website and design a new section from scratch. Experience in coding unique blocks according to a given design with WordPress integration. If you are interested, please send us your rate as well as your portfolio.
Python developer
We are looking for a Middle+, Senior Python Developer to join our team. Requirements: - Python - Django - Git, Docker - Experience with ORM - Experience with protocols and their tools (REST/SOAP) - Database design principles, proficiency in SQL Tech stack of the project: - Flask, sqlalchemy, graphql, MySQL Important requirement: Fluent English We offer: - full-time remote employment.
SMM Specialist (YouTube, Tik-Tok)
We are looking for a SMM Specialist to join our team. Job responsibilities include management and promotion of the brand’s Youtube and Tik-tok accounts. Full-time remote employment Main responsibilities: Development and implementation of the channel’s strategy Development and implementation of the content strategy, designing and getting approval for the content plans (overall schedule/ internal/external activities) Competitor activity analysis; Search and collaboration with bloggers that are of interest to the audience Audience involvement; Performance improvement of the channel (Views, subscribers, retention). Key requirement: 1+ year experience Cases of Youtube channel(s) marketing (your own or other peoples’) Knowledge of marketing and advertising basics The ability to quickly respond to all newsworthy events and create event content.
Angular Developer
We are looking for a Lead Angular Developer to join in our project. You will be required to pass a technical interview. Requirements: typeScript ; angular; experience with SASS/LESS/Stylus; experience with Unit testing libraries (QUnit/Mocha/Jasmine); Git fundamentals; technical English.
Go developer
We are looking for a remote Go developer to join in on the project, the task can be completed in 40 hours. Send us your rate and discuss further details with our manager.
Java Developer
We are looking for an in-house Java developer to work for a major banking company in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Requirements: 1-5 years experience Responsibilities: - Develops a framework for further scaling to all remote channels of the bank (Internet bank, mobile apps, payment services etc.) - Cooperates with various development teams, Data Science, support etc. (you need good communication skills and a desire to further cultivate them) - Makes their own contribution to the development of architecture, assess the old and create the new You are a perfect candidate if you possess: - Excellent knowledge of Java - Knowledge of Spring and Spring Boot, Docker и Groovy - Ability to use various tools for testing codes and apps of various complexity. JUnit, Spock, Testcontainers, Mockito, Hamcrest - Confident knowledge of unix-systems operation and keen interest in them - Knowledge of principles and patterns of design, you have to be able to defend your viewpoint - Experience in working with version control systems (Git) - Desire to work on big and challenging projects It is preferable that you: - Want to make the development process more effective using the right tools (Git, Binary Release Management, CI/CD, Scrum/Kanban) - Have hands-on experience with Spring/Spring boot - Have experience working with such tools as Ansible/Salt/Chef/etc - Think that the developer’s job is not limited to coding We offer: - stable and transparent income: salary will be discussed after the interview + quarter bonus based on KPI - Flexible working hours: you can schedule your time according to your preferences - Demanding and challenging tasks, advanced technology stack - Opportunities for your development: frequent workshops, webinars, meetups and demo days, you will have free access to Alpina, MIF and business publications’ corporate libraries, foreign languages courses discounts, the company will pay for conferences and courses - Camaraderie: friendly working environment and solid team that will give you a hand at any time - Healthcare: voluntary health insurance program which includes dental health services and access to the best hospitals of the city, life insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance, 100% of pay for 10 work days when on sick leave, fitness membership discounts, sport communities - Varied leisure opportunities: discounts on travel agency services, food, restaurants, bars, shops - Employee-only bank offers: preferential loans and insurance.
iOS Developer
We are looking for an in-house iOS developer to work for a major banking company in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Project details: The App is developed by 15+ Scrum Teams simultaneously. To ensure stable and high-quality development, git flow is used, as well as e2e automation testing, release train, YARCH etc. High-achieving employees are in demand, so the company promotes personal and professional development. The employees enjoy freedom from restrictions while taking on great responsibility at the same time. We expect the following from candidates: - 1.5+ years of iOS client application development experience - Candidates who released apps on AppStore - In-depth knowledge of iOS SDK - Experience with Swift’s commercial development - Knowledge of data and algorithm structure - Understanding software development life cycle, agile methodologies (Scrum/Kanban) - Experience with writing Clean Code (SOLID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI) To increase your chances, you must possess: - Experience with unidirectional architectures - Understanding of AutoLayout principles - Experience with writing UNIT tests - Experience with CI/CD - Experience with designing REST API We offer: - Along with product tasks, you will be able to choose other areas of focus for your professional growth (CI/CD, design system, software architecture) - Young and positive team of professionals - Flexible working hours - Voluntary medical insurance - Corporate fitness discounts etc.
System analyst
We are looking for an in-house system analyst to work for a major banking company in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Requirements: 1-5 years experience You will work in a scrum-team (less frequently – kanban) on projects aimed at a mobile banking development and other innovative projects related to remote customer service. Main responsibilities - Analysis and description of business requirements - Architecture design - Writing project documents - Participation in testing and implementation, assistance in problem solving - Coordination of development team What we expect from a candidate: - Ability to express themselves eloquently - Desire to develop and learn new things - Desire to work in a team setting on complicated tasks and readiness to take responsibility - Experience with web and/or rest services - Knowledge of SQL - Crossfunctionality (readiness to develop skills in related fields, i.e. take on certain responsibilities of scrum masters, testers, developers, product-owners when they are sick or on vacation) Advantages: - Work experience on projects with agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban) - Work experience in banking, finance - Experience with Jira, Confluence, Git, Jenkins, Artifactory - Knowledge of DevOps, Continuous integration and Continuous delivery - Experience with ABS based on the System I platform (Equation, Midas) - Knowledge of one or several programming languages - Command of English required to read professional literature - Readiness to share knowledge with others Job advantages: - Doing the job for the benefit of millions of people - Competitive salary, year-end bonus, bonus for employees whose performance has been high for the past 3+ years - Young and positive team - 100% of pay for 10 work days when on sick leave, voluntary health insurance, life insurance, 50% fitness discount - Favourable conditions offered for the services of the bank and business partners - Casual dress-code - Corporate training - Unlimited career development opportunities - Flexible working hours (as long as your schedule is convenient for your team)
Scrum Master
We are looking for an in-house Scrum Master to work for a major banking company in Moscow. Requirements: 1-5 years experience Scrum master service to the organization: - leads and coaches the organization during Scrum adoption - plans company’s transition to Scrum - helps employees and stakeholders understand theory and practice of Scrum, correctly implement principles of empirical product development - promotes changes aimed at increasing efficiency of Scrum Teams - works with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization Scrum Master Service to the Development Team: - coaches the Development Team to be self-organized and cross-functional - helps the Development Team create high-value products, removes impediments to the Development Team’s progress - facilitates Scrum events as requested or needed - coaches the Development Team in organizational environments in which Scrum is not yet fully adopted and understood. Scrum Master service to the product owner: - ensures that goals, scope, and product domain are understood by every member of the Scrum Team as well as possible - helps find the most effective techniques for effective Backlog Product management - helps the Scrum Team understand the need for concise and clear Product Backlog Items - explains peculiarities of product planning in an empirical environment - helps the Product Owner arrange the Product Backlog to maximize value - promote better understanding of agility and its use - facilitate Scrum events as requested or needed We offer: - Young and positive team - Doing the job for the benefit of millions of people - Competitive salary (it will be discussed after the interview) - Voluntary health insurance, life insurance - Employee discounts offered by business partner
Full-time remote employment. Requirements: - HTML - SCSS (flex, responsive/adaptive) - JS, TS - Angular8 - RXJS - Angular Universal - GIT - teamwork skills Analytical mindset. Appropriate application of knowledge. Ability to complete the tasks in line with business demands. Quick on the uptake. 2+ year experience with Angular. Attention to code cleanliness and quality, maintenance of standards.