Bringing top Eastern European startups to IT conferences

#Smartbrain challenge

Get out of your comfort zone and rock at the top international events
Get coaching, networking and invitations for fantastic side events for free
Get new partners, clients and friends

#Smartbrain programme is

#Smartbrain is easy

Apply and let’s have a quick chat on your needs and the events that are best for your startup

#Smartbrain is efficient

We coach you and help with all the preparation and communications

#Smartbrain is free

We are not vendors and don’t charge anything

#Smartbrain iscool

We organise side events and plenty of networking even before the event

#Smartbrain 2019

In 2018

35 startups exhibited
All met new partners and clients
All were happy about their experience
All asked to continue the #smartbrain programme

#Smartbrain idea

We are pioneers of remote work in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Over the years we have managed to build the strongest IT community around us.
Russia is famous for top developers and successful startups and most of them have nothing to do with national accelerators and governmental organisations.
We strongly believe in networking.
So, we started the non-commercial and non-governmental #smartbrain program to promote Eastern European talents and startups.

Smartbrain is a new project of former top-managers of the largest Eastern European freelance marketplace

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