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Responsibilities: ∙ Organization and implementation of on-demand process evaluation aimed at process improvement in the front-end system of the Bank built on Oracle Siebel CRM (including consideration of requirements to integration layer and related systems that are involved in the automated process); ∙ Requirements formalization; ∙ Development of requirements specification, approval and goal setting for Oracle Siebel CRM system ∙ Building models, algorithms, prototypes; ∙ Participation in system architecture design; ∙ Participation in defect testing throughout all stages of improvement testing; ∙ Control of improvement results compatibility with functional requirements; ∙ Handover to production; Requirements: ∙ Technical documentation development and approval skills (functional requirements, requirements specification etc.); ∙ Analytical mindset; ∙ Language competence in spoken and written forms; ∙ Experience in business process description, analysis, development and implementation; ∙ Teamwork skills, result orientation; ∙ Time management skills; ∙ Experience with Oracle Siebel, CRM products is preferred; ∙ Experience with database design and SQL query and stored procedure writing is preferred; ∙ User interface design experience is preferred.